Freitag, 9. Januar 2009


the 1st show after their re-union! attention: shot with my cellphone!

Freitag, 2. Januar 2009


MAD MAGS is the CRO MAGS cover-band of GROWING MOVEMENT's drummer Max and they played in Regensburg on his girlfriend's birthday for a good cause! his girlfriend wants to finance a well in Ethiopia and told everybody she doesn't want any gifts she'd prefer a donation for the well instead and also the money from the door went to the well! MAD MAGS played 1st and I dare say that 90% of the audience didn't realize that they were a coverband! when the singer said "I'm sure you all know the next song as it's a CRO MAGS cover!" I started to ask if the people knew MAD MAGS are a coverband and when they asked for CDs after the show I was sure they didn't! besides MAD MAGS there were 2 other bands on the bill, one of them being SCRAPPY and the other will not be named as I'd rather like to beat up the bandmembers than promote them in any form! their bassplayer, a rich brat and known coward (with a D.M.S. tattoo on his chest) who was hanging out with me and some others cause he was hot on a girl and was stupid enough to suggest to smash the windows of a local nazishop to impress the girl. I'd still pay a lot of money for a pic of his face after everybody said "OK, why not?"! to make a long story short as we all were dead drunk our plan wasn't that smart and one of us (the youngest) got caught by the police and got house arrest from his parents right after they picked him up from the police station! even though I told the idiot that if our friend would have given them our names the pigs would have shown up at our homes he called me every fucking day nearly crying and asked me if I've already talked to our friend! what a wussy! I've been told he's a school teacher teaching religion now! besides that their singer sounds like someone would squeeze his balls! I found them so unlistenable that I went back home for an hour to spare me from that torture! when I came back SCRAPPY were already playing. they play some sort of SKA / PUNK mix (with trumpets, etc.) and I guess they're good at that and those of them that I know are nice people but as I hate SKA...
edit: I spent this evening with my old buddy Loll and he told me that the MAD MAGS guys were asked if they'd have "CDs for sale" after the show! I guess that proves me right, most people didn't recognize they're a cover-band...