Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008


Günzburg´s STAGNATION´S END evolved from the good band they were on their 7" into one of Germany´s most brilliant bands! if you don´t believe me listen to this 12". it´s a mix of a little bit S.E.H.C., a little bit CRUST, a little bit METAL, and a little bit San Diego sound. the result is a cocktail that you won´t find anywhere else that soon! one of the things that put them above other bands was their skills as musicians - especially the skills of Markus the guitar player (who switched places with the singer on 2 songs) . sad but true but the same reason that made them a brilliant band was the reason for their split. Markus, who made a living of playing trumpet (if I remember correct) in a commercial big band, decided that he couldn´t handle 3 bands at the same time anymore and decided to leave STAGNATION`S END to concentrate on his other band KITTY EMPIRE (which were/are the German version of the San Diego post-HC sound). as there was no one to replace him that meant the end of their career. if you want to know how the story went on after Markus announced that he would leave continue here!

Montag, 7. Juli 2008


the REVENGE 10" - the final release of one of my all time fave bands! this 10" offers 16 tracks incl. a cover of CRUCIFIX´s SEARCH FOR THE SUN which appeared on the PROTEST MEANS ACTION compilation 12" too but this version is way better as REVENGE have the worst sound on the whole compilation! anyway, this 10" was recorded by the same guy who has recorded their 2nd 7". this guy has a mobile studio with which he came to their rehearsal room. on their 2nd 7" he did a great job but here he fucked up! the sound isn´t like it was supposed to be - it lacks brutality! another record that could have been way better if the sound enginer wouldn´t have fucked up! it´s got really great songs and is still good but not as good as it could have been! after it´s release REVENGE went on a 2 weeks Germany tour together with WORLD CHAOS. I drove them on this tour and even though I fucked up my van and therefore lost a lot of money, I still consider this tour 2 of the best weeks of my life!


STATIC 84´s THE SERVANTS ARE RISING 12" that was released on JOIN THE TEAM PLAYER records in may 2000 is the best melodic HARDCORE album that that was ever released by a German band! period! it includes 12 driving tracks that are catchy and rock like hell! the last song on the record WORLDS COLLIDE was already on their 7" and was re-recorded for the 12". WORLDS COLLIDE is the only mid tempo song on the record but is as catchy as the other tracks. their myspace site says: Lyric-wise STATIC 84 were far from the regular meaningles MTV lyrics that seem to be so typical for bands of that genre. Their songs deal with those situations in live that we all have to face at one point or another - missed opportunities, regrets and the personal struggles one has to go through when trying to get by in hard times. which is true! when they recorded this, they recorded one song that didn´t make it on the record but can be downloaded here!


here´s the WUTENTBRANNT / SUBKUTAN split 7" for your listening pleasure. the tracks of WUTENTBRANNT were recorded in their rehearsal room with just 2 mics somewhere in the room. so the quality is a little rough but still ok. music-wise you get fierce CRUST with dual vox. played by people who were in bands like REVENGE, REVOLTE, QUATTRO STAGIONI, BOOT DOWN THE DOOR, CRUSHED BY ALE, DOOMTOWN, MÖNSTER and some others while they were playing in WUTENTBRANNT or after WUTENTBRANNT called it a day!. SUBKUTAN were based on the other side of Germany. rough sound quality too! music-wise this is fast PUNK!

Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008


the 25/12/2005 was Rob, the BOOT DOWN THE DOOR singer´s 40ht birthday. cause of this REVENGE and BOOT DOWN THE DOOR played a gig in Regensburg. sad but true: I forgot to bring a 2nd pair of batteries with me so no BOOT DOWN THE DOOR pics!


the title of this split 12" is THE LAST & LATEST STAGNATION`S END / PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING RECORDINGS and that sums it up pretty good! the last STAGNATION`S END recordings are 7 tracks of which one BURN has already been released on the MAXIMUM SUBJECTIVITY comp. 12" that was done by FLOWER VIOLENCE rec. the main problem with this recordings is the sound quality which isn´t really brilliant and sad but true that counts for both bands! I´m not sure if I remember correct but they mixed these songs at least twice and maybe they recorded them more than once too. I still got an MD with the 1st recording/mix and in direct comparsion you can hear that this is much better but it still lacks energy and power! the reason why STAGNATION`S END split up was that their guitarist (who did the vocals on 2 songs of their 12"), who earned his living in something like a comercial big band or something like that, had just time for one band besides that and decided to concentrate on his other band KITTY EMPIRE. so the singer and the drummer teamed up with the SEUCHENHERD bassplayer and PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING were born!