Montag, 7. Juli 2008


the REVENGE 10" - the final release of one of my all time fave bands! this 10" offers 16 tracks incl. a cover of CRUCIFIX´s SEARCH FOR THE SUN which appeared on the PROTEST MEANS ACTION compilation 12" too but this version is way better as REVENGE have the worst sound on the whole compilation! anyway, this 10" was recorded by the same guy who has recorded their 2nd 7". this guy has a mobile studio with which he came to their rehearsal room. on their 2nd 7" he did a great job but here he fucked up! the sound isn´t like it was supposed to be - it lacks brutality! another record that could have been way better if the sound enginer wouldn´t have fucked up! it´s got really great songs and is still good but not as good as it could have been! after it´s release REVENGE went on a 2 weeks Germany tour together with WORLD CHAOS. I drove them on this tour and even though I fucked up my van and therefore lost a lot of money, I still consider this tour 2 of the best weeks of my life!


  1. münz..hast du das hier gemacht..
    hammer geil...
    meld dich mal..

  2. hahaha! du scherzkeks! wenn du mir sagst bei wem ich mich melden soll kann ich das machen!

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