Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008


Günzburg´s STAGNATION´S END evolved from the good band they were on their 7" into one of Germany´s most brilliant bands! if you don´t believe me listen to this 12". it´s a mix of a little bit S.E.H.C., a little bit CRUST, a little bit METAL, and a little bit San Diego sound. the result is a cocktail that you won´t find anywhere else that soon! one of the things that put them above other bands was their skills as musicians - especially the skills of Markus the guitar player (who switched places with the singer on 2 songs) . sad but true but the same reason that made them a brilliant band was the reason for their split. Markus, who made a living of playing trumpet (if I remember correct) in a commercial big band, decided that he couldn´t handle 3 bands at the same time anymore and decided to leave STAGNATION`S END to concentrate on his other band KITTY EMPIRE (which were/are the German version of the San Diego post-HC sound). as there was no one to replace him that meant the end of their career. if you want to know how the story went on after Markus announced that he would leave continue here!

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