Freitag, 15. August 2008


here´s the REVOLTE discography. REVOLTE just had a short life span, consisted of people who were playing in REVENGE, WUTENTBRANNT & D.S.G. and played ripping fast and furious HARDCORE! their discography isn´t that long as all they recorded was their 10" and one song that appeared on the PAYOLL BENEFIT COMP. 7"! this band was spitting venom on their recordings but even more while playing live! the 10" was released as a split project between many different labels as everybody who saw them live was blown away by them! REVOLTE were one of the bands were musicanship and anger worked hand in hand perfect! all their lyrics were in German and if you read them without having heard the music they might appear as somehow clumsy but together with the music they somehow perfectly fit!


  1. been looking for this for the last 3 years, fucking amazing!

  2. I still got 15 REVOLTE 10"es left in case you want the real thing!