Donnerstag, 27. November 2008


former members of STATIC 84, DRIVING THE SALT, JOHN DEERE, etc. following the path D.C. has paved but while they follow they wear their own (vegan) boots which keeps it interesting! click on the cover to get to a mediafire link or click on the live pic and go to their homepage where you can download the demo too! they just released a full-length which I haven't heard yet!


NACHZEHRER was the follow up of Augsburg's WARTOYS to their split 7" with TOTAL RESISTENCIA. this was one of the bands out of the ashes of INFERNO, you know this German band that had records like TOD & WAHNSINN! WARTOYS were more U.K.-CRUST sounding than INFERNO (when INFERNO were around there was no CRUST yet but INFERNO influenced the CRUST bands a lot). and WARTOYS were the only band, in our circle, that not only sounded CRUST but also looked like one! back to this 7" that came in a really cool package: a bag made of cloth with a screenprint on front and back enveloped the 7" cover, which was a fold out cover again as you can see on the pic. the 7" had 6 tracks of heavy, midtempo paced CRUST and the basic lyrical theme here was anti-MacDonald's. WARTOYS split up a short time ago. Zong, who was in INFERNO, will hate me for this as he doesn't like it when you stress his past in INFERNO but he also has a kind of INDUSTRIAL / NOISE project called DEEP which is still active!


the 1st thing to tell you is that I "stole" this rip from the great MOSH EISLEY blog but I scanned the booklet and uploaded the comp. myself again! it's an international comp. but as it features STAGNATION'S END, DIAVOLO ROSSO and AMEN 81 I thought I should steal it and re-post it here. Chris from MOSH EISLEY said the following about this comp.: "Another release from Flowerviolence Records here. I contacted Ralf if it's okay to get this compilation online. He said he would like it. There are not that many copies left and so it would get some more attention. I don't like all of the bands here but for me getting this LP was worthwhile because of bands like Durango 95, Amen 81, DS 13, Diavolo Rosso or Fear is the Path to the Darkside. The layout of this compilation is also great. A nice cardboard sleeve and a little book instead of a normal lyric sheet. So dive a little bit more into the German / Swedish Hardcore scene from the beginning of the new millenium." as that's pretty much how I feel about this comp. too I don't feel the need to add anything! click on the cover to download!

Montag, 24. November 2008