Montag, 25. August 2008


after some years of hiatus Loll and Roland who were/are in GROWING MOVEMENT formed a new band that was called SOUTHERN STARS. like GROWING MOVEMENT they drew influence from N.Y.C. but they were far more melodic. they played some shows and were such a convincing live act that MAD MOB offered to release a record. one week before the record should be sent to the pressing plant the singer Loll got into trouble with the law once again and this time got a 3 years sentence. this are the tracks that should have been on the debut. the pic of their singer Loll was taken at the GROWING MOVEMENT / ERADICATE show at WASCHBRETT Regensburg´s notorious PUNK pub.

Sonntag, 24. August 2008


D.S.G. (pronounced: dis-t-chick) were/are one of Bavaria´s most underrated bands ever! period! the managed to combine being from Bavaria with some sort of a SoCal feeling which together with the vocals made their sound quite unique! tuneful, melodic PUNK with enough rough edges to keep them away from being clean cut and singalong choruses that fortunately avoided the bubblegum brainlessness that is associated with melodic PUNK/HARDCORE these days so often thanks to morons like you-know-who! this 7" was released on A.B.P. Records (when A.B.P. still meant ALT BAYERN POSSE) and later re-issued as a tape that had the 7" on one and their demo on the other side. drummer Musch and guitarist Flo played both in REVOLTE and Flo played in STATIC 84 for a while. Lumpi the 2nd guitarist replaced Susi in WUTENTBRANNT when she moved to Hamburg.


when SCHIZOPHREN split up cause their bassplayer died the guitarist and 3 other guys formed AN-ROTZEN. but cause their bassplayer thought he was a skinhead and constantly annoyed them with skinhead type lyrics they always had trouble. when he glued a pic of his girlfriend on his bass the rest decided that he stepped out of line once to often and kicked him out. in their really short career they recorded this demotape (that was recorded without a bass) and played 2 concerts. as you might have guessed from the name AN-ROTZEN their main influence was AUS-ROTTEN and they managed to write quite some cool songs with AUS-ROTTEN type dual vocals and riffs!

Freitag, 15. August 2008


I saw WUTENTBRANNT, way back then called OFFER RESISTANCE, open for REVENGE & MIOZÄN and really liked them! they really raged! sad but true WUTENTBRANNT haven´t left much information! there was this 9 song tape that was recorded in their rehearsal room, but then their original guitarplayer moved to hamburg and they didn´t practice for such a long time that even the people in the band couldn´t remember all titles! somehow they didn´t manage to get someone to replace her for ages! finally the guitarist of D.S.G. took over the part and they started to play live again. I saw every concert they did with the new line up except 3 and every single show was great. I still can´t understand why someone like Emil drops out of everything he once considered important to follow the shady "spiritual" advises of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of Transcendental Meditation. the tracks on the split 7" with SUBKUTAN and the tracks on the 3 AKKORDE FÜR DIE FREIHEIT 7" comp. have been taken from this tape!


read what MRR and HEARTATTACK said about this 7" and while reading keep in mind what the people that wrote those reviews didn´t know: those tracks were recorded in Munich at a studio done by an alcoholic who fucked them up! STATIC 84 recorded at the same studio and he fucked up their tracks too! in the case of the STATIC 84 recordings he didn´t fuck them up as much as this here but that is mainly cause they were way more on the melodic side. when we went to a really expensive studio (one where pros record) and tried to remix it we had to find out: no chance! the idiot had pluged in 2 cables the wrong way and fucked up those recordings forever! STATIC 84 had to find out he dad done the same to them! besides the fucked up recording I should add that I don´t consider this to be the best ERADICATE songs that were written and that after this recordings were done our bassplayer quit or better disappeard. he said bye when we left the studio, moved to another city and none of us has seen or heard him since! so the AN-ROTZEN guitarist Chris switched to bass and joined us. b.t.w. there was a tape version (I think we made 100 of them) of the 7" with some bonus tracks (incl. a CITIZENS ARREST and a BUTTOCKS cover) for the tour with DROP DEAD. and the x-ray pics on the cover and on the inner sleeve show the spine of my neighbor´s girlfriend who broke her back in a car crash but has had good luck and is alive and well today.


here´s the REVOLTE discography. REVOLTE just had a short life span, consisted of people who were playing in REVENGE, WUTENTBRANNT & D.S.G. and played ripping fast and furious HARDCORE! their discography isn´t that long as all they recorded was their 10" and one song that appeared on the PAYOLL BENEFIT COMP. 7"! this band was spitting venom on their recordings but even more while playing live! the 10" was released as a split project between many different labels as everybody who saw them live was blown away by them! REVOLTE were one of the bands were musicanship and anger worked hand in hand perfect! all their lyrics were in German and if you read them without having heard the music they might appear as somehow clumsy but together with the music they somehow perfectly fit!