Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008


the gentleman you can see on the pic in the corner down right is Füx who used to ran a label called BAD INFLUENCE rec. I´ve forgotten what the exact reasons were, but somehow he decided to release a benefit compilation for a squat in Brasil. the bands on this comp. besides DEFECTO who lived in that squat are FAULTER from the U.S., SPINEBENDER, REVOLTE, DIAVOLO ROSSO, SEUCHENHERD and WUTENTBRANNT.


REVENGE - 2nd 7''

back to my old friends from Alt-Ötting (which is famous among Catholics for their Mary cult and their holy well that cures illnesses!) one of the places in Germany with the highest Catholic infestation and REVENGE´s 2nd 7"! Alt-Ötting has proofed to be a fertile breeding ground for good HARDCORE bands tough! well, maybe it could proof it´s fertility cause of all that shit? REVENGE´s 2nd 7" was released when REVENGE where at their peak! 8 songs in the best recording quality REVENGE ever had! they themselves called the music they played CRUST´N´ROLL which basically meant that their CRUSTy HARDCORE didn´t lack some melody and Bozo their guitarist hadn´t bought the guitar on which all the great LEATHERFACE songs have been written from Frankie Stubbs for nothing. the 7" came with a booklet where the lyrics to each were printed on a single page. 8 songs - 8 hits! all killer - no filler! b.t.w. REVENGE´s drummer Franz is the only drummer I´ve seen till know who was throwing up while playing live! vomiting all over his drumkit and not missing a single beat!


100% GORE BEAT changed their name to SEUCHENHERD when the covers for this split were already printed maybe it even has been released a short before. the name is the only difference between 100% GORE BEAT and SEUCHENHERD - same people, same songs! as you might have guessed from their old name the SEUCHENHERD guys were into splatter/gore/... movies quite a bit but that had no impact on the lyrics for whatever´s sake! as the guys in SEUCHENHERD were really good on their instruments they had the proper foundation to succeed in playing really good POWER VIOLENCE HARDCORE! FULL NOISE NINE were a just a 2 piece GRINDCORE band with Pig the STAGNATION´S END drummer on, you guessed it drums! after STAGNATION´S END split he played in PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING until recently! there lyrics went from sensless a.k.a. non existent to political lyrics! as the 2 were living in 2 different cities they didn´t play live that often as rehearsing was barely possible for them. in spit of that difficulties they managed to do a 7" of their own as well and were on several different compilations!


CRUSHED BY ALE weren´t around for that long! they just recorded this demo did some shows, went on tour, had to break up the tout after 2 - 3 shows cause the father of one of them had become seriously ill and called it a day not to long after their broken up tour! the most interesting thing about this band is, that it was kind of an "all-star" band. Wiener from WUTENTBRANNT on drums Claus-rotten from WUTENTBRANNT, REVOLTE and QUATTRO STAGIONI (he was the bassplayer on the last MÖNSTERS tour too) on guitar, Michl from FIRST WORLD SUICIDE, ERADICATE and OPERATION:MINDFUCK on bass and Hoiz from REVENGE on vocals. I´ve to admit that I never had the chance to see them live, which I really regret! the songs on this CD suffer from a bad, somehow really flat production as they were recorded by themselves in their rehearsal with shitty equipment! so I´d loved to have the chance to hear them live to make my final judgement about them!


GROWING MOVEMENT´s 1st 7" still has to be considered one of the best 7" that ever were recorded by a band from Bavaria! if you just look at the cover you´ll notice that GROWING MOVEMENT were music-wise different to most of Bavaria´s other bands. while most of our bands had some influence from N.Y.H.C. GROWING MOVEMENT were a band that sounded like a N.Y.H.C. band and looked like a band from N.Y. in the mid of the 90ies when their full length was released the were pretty popular in Germany but first they got fucked by their record label WE BITE and then they got into quarrel amongst themselves. that was too much and so they split up. they later reformed with a new bassplayer but somehow their flame didn't burn very bright back then and so they split up again! their singer later had to do some time and after he was released they reformed for the 3rd time and are still active today even tough their singer is so fucking ill he has to do their shows sitting!


after the split 7" with FULL NOISE NINE Günzburg´s SEUCHENHERD released their one and only 7" that runs on 45rpm and is packed with 8 vicious POWER VIOLENCE tracks! as they were very good musicians, great guys and really dedicated it seemed the were ready to really go off, but they had unbelieveable bad luck! there was some talk of doing a split 10" and a tour together with ERADICATE which was then changed in doing a split 10" and 2 tours with ERADICATE as they had to cancel their 1st studio date cause of reasons I can´t remember a one week tour, with PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING as 3rd band, should be done before hitting the studio and a longer one after the split was out, but one day before the tour was supposed to start their guitarplayer (who was attending school to become a music pro) got such serious problems with his hearing abilities out of nothing that the doctor said at least 6 month as less noise as possible! that somehow was the beginning of the end for SEUCHENHERD and not long after all that the split up!


their myspace site says this: From old school to New School and all the way back... You like fast, melodic and ass kicking music with a melancholy edge? Well here you go! STATIC 84 play hardcore in the original meaning of the word. They are not some tough guy old school rip-off but they do play HC-PUNK the way it used to be before Metal and Indie-Pop took over. If one had to come up with a comparison the bands of your choice would probably be DAG NASTY, GOOD RIDDANCE and BY THE GRACE OF GOD. and that is very much to the point! formed in 1996 (calling themselves SHINY COFFIN in the beginning) they released their first CD INNER WALL in 1997. while music-wise the 8 songs on this CD couldn´t set them apart from the rest of the melodic HARDCORE bands, lyric-wise they could as they managed to write really great personal lyrics!


after GROWING MOVEMENT split up one of their 2 guitarists, the basser and their original drummer Max teamed up with a new singer and NIPPER were born. where GROWING MOVEMENT have always tried to do it N.Y.-style NIPPER were more what you´d call POSI-CORE. this is their 1st CD called PSALMS OF PURIFICATION (before you ask: no, they weren´t S.E.!) which was released by BAD INFLUENCE rec. it has 7 tracks, one of them being a live, and the problem is that they recorded the instruments in their rehearsal room but didn´t manage to record the vocals in a way they didn´t sound unlistenable so the went to Chris Void in Munich and did them with his help. I know that this guy knows how to record a HARDCORE band so I guess it´s cause of the way the instruments were recorded that music and vocals sound divided and therefore this CD lacks power! NIPPER weren´t around that long as Waldi, the bassplayer dropped out of the scene all of a sudden and moved back to his parents! Max and Jürgen wen´t (back) to GROWING MOVEMENT & USE TO ABUSE and their singer Pat and some others formed a band that would later be known as DRIVING THE SALT! that´s why the 7" that followed this CD is limited to 13!

Samstag, 28. Juni 2008


Bavaria´s BOOT DOWN THE DOOR join forces with Nippon´s BEYOND DESCRIPTION on this 7" that was released by ANOMIE rec. for the ONE WEEK RESTVACATION TOUR both bands did together in 1997. 3 songs from each band including a RIPCORD cover from BEYOND DESCRIPTION. the only negative thing to say about this 7", is that the cover is really ugly as fuck!


this is the pt. I of the NO SPEED LIMIT comp. series that on CIVILISATION RECORDS from Günzburg which is done by Oli who is a great guy and has done a lot of stuff for "the scene"! on this comp., the starter so to speak in the meantime pt. II & pt. III were released, there´re just 2 Bavarian Bands AMEN 81 & SEUCHENHERD. GOMORRHA were from Koblenz and the other 2 bands HAPTO & IRITATE weren´t German. the 7" has one song each from GOMORRHA, AMEN 81 & HAPTO and 3 songs each from SEUCHENHERD & IRITATE. sad but true but during the 7" mastering or maybe in the pressing plant they fucked up the quality of the AMEN 81 track. Oli tried to get that fixed but they still suffer from a very poor sound! the 7" came in a booklet cover where each band has a page of it´s own for lyrics, etc.


the 1st BOOT DOWN THE DOOR 7" called AMIGO$ is the best stuff they ever released as far as I´m concerned! 6 songs of heavy, not too fast CRUST with brilliant lyrics (that could be stolen from Garry Johnson here and there) and a vocalist who sounds brutal in a way that you can still understand what he's screaming. this 7" was released by SPOCK PRODUCTIONS from France and came in blood-red vinyl! many people ask themselves why the fuck they put this "fish" on the cover and/or what it stands for. the answer is: this is a drawing of one of the band members little niece and as they had no better ideas and didn't want to have a cover like so many other bands they decided to use the drawing! the only thing I still don't know is why there is a Jesus poster on the inner sleeve!

this is the BOOT DOWN THE DOOR's 2nd 7" which was released by SACRO EGOISMO Rec. from Vienna/Austria and came in light blue wax. 6 hard hitting songs including a cover of BLONDIE's DENISE. one of BOOT DOWN THE DOOR's trademarks was that their music was more midtempo paced than ultra fast but as usual they throw in some fast parts for the listeners pleasure!


the 1st vinyl release of Augsburgs WARTOYS was this split 7" with TOTAL RESISTENCIA from Spain. calling your band is like giving a promise - the promise to play CRUST! WARTOYS are no let down! they live up to their promise: 3 tracks of CRUST as CRUST can! to be honest, that´s no big surprise as the WARTOYS guys have all played in other bands (incl. INFERNO!) before and have plenty of expirience under their belt! b.t.w. the people in WARTOYS are really great guys and 1st choice when it comes down to having fun! Mikes, the drumer has his own blog called WASHINGRAD! TOTAL RESISTENCIA on the flipside offer you 5 songs. they´re faster than WARTOYS and get extra points for singing in Spanish. no bad either! but what sets this 7" apart from most others is the packageing as you can see on the pic!


WUTENTBRANNT was a band that started with Rob from BOOT DOWN THE DOOR on vocals. after Rob quit Franz and Emil of REVENGE took over the mics and WUTENTBRANNT became a REVENGE side project. when Susi, the guitarist moved to Hamburg WUTENTBRANNT was on ice for nearly 2 years when suddenly my telephone rang and their basser told me that they just had rehearsed for the 1st time after nearly 2 years. as REVOLTE kicked it of at around the same time Emil decided that 3 bands would be to much and left. with just one singer left they entered a studio to record for a 7", that sad but true, was never released. I don´t know the song titles as this was ripped from a tape they gave me way back when without any information!


REVENGE´s 1st 7" is way more N.Y.H.C. influenced. than their later stuff but the CRUST influence is already there. some of the 8 tracks would remain part of REVENGE´s live set as long as REVENGE would exist. as "they didn´t manage to write some intelligent lyrics" they just printed some explanations to the songs and not the lyrics. the 7" was released on drumer Franz´s own record label called A.B.P. (A.B.P. = ALT BAYERN POSSE). as I was quite close with those guys way more important than what music they played was what great people those guys were/are! I´ll never forget the time we spent together!


this 7" probably could claim to be the most tattooed cover to be on the record of a Bavarian band! I don`t know exactly how much people have this drawing inked under their skin but there are quite some! well, no wonder if you grew up here when we did chances that you lost more than one friend to a heroin overdose, suicide or jail were quite high and somehow this drawing, that was done by a friend of them who grew up with them, sums it all up! this is the cover of the 1st pressing on BAD INFLUENCE rec. there is a 2nd pressing on DANCING IN THE DARK rec., that is done by Oise the STATIC 84 bassplayer, that one is white on black! 6 great melodic songs that show a real development if compared to their 1st CD! but even though they made a big step forward you just can´t imagine what a brilliant full length they would manage to do later!


if you listen to the STAGNATION`S END 7" you just get a little hint of to what this band would evolve! on this recordings you can hear the influence of U.S. S.E.H.C. quite clearly. even their name was taken from a STRIFE song. don´t get me wrong, this 7" is not bad but compared to their 12" the lack of power and aggression is quite obvious! the 8 songs here are a little bit above average but nothing that would have given you the slightest hint how great they would become later!