Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008


their myspace site says this: From old school to New School and all the way back... You like fast, melodic and ass kicking music with a melancholy edge? Well here you go! STATIC 84 play hardcore in the original meaning of the word. They are not some tough guy old school rip-off but they do play HC-PUNK the way it used to be before Metal and Indie-Pop took over. If one had to come up with a comparison the bands of your choice would probably be DAG NASTY, GOOD RIDDANCE and BY THE GRACE OF GOD. and that is very much to the point! formed in 1996 (calling themselves SHINY COFFIN in the beginning) they released their first CD INNER WALL in 1997. while music-wise the 8 songs on this CD couldn´t set them apart from the rest of the melodic HARDCORE bands, lyric-wise they could as they managed to write really great personal lyrics!

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