Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008


after the split 7" with FULL NOISE NINE Günzburg´s SEUCHENHERD released their one and only 7" that runs on 45rpm and is packed with 8 vicious POWER VIOLENCE tracks! as they were very good musicians, great guys and really dedicated it seemed the were ready to really go off, but they had unbelieveable bad luck! there was some talk of doing a split 10" and a tour together with ERADICATE which was then changed in doing a split 10" and 2 tours with ERADICATE as they had to cancel their 1st studio date cause of reasons I can´t remember a one week tour, with PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING as 3rd band, should be done before hitting the studio and a longer one after the split was out, but one day before the tour was supposed to start their guitarplayer (who was attending school to become a music pro) got such serious problems with his hearing abilities out of nothing that the doctor said at least 6 month as less noise as possible! that somehow was the beginning of the end for SEUCHENHERD and not long after all that the split up!

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