Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008


100% GORE BEAT changed their name to SEUCHENHERD when the covers for this split were already printed maybe it even has been released a short before. the name is the only difference between 100% GORE BEAT and SEUCHENHERD - same people, same songs! as you might have guessed from their old name the SEUCHENHERD guys were into splatter/gore/... movies quite a bit but that had no impact on the lyrics for whatever´s sake! as the guys in SEUCHENHERD were really good on their instruments they had the proper foundation to succeed in playing really good POWER VIOLENCE HARDCORE! FULL NOISE NINE were a just a 2 piece GRINDCORE band with Pig the STAGNATION´S END drummer on, you guessed it drums! after STAGNATION´S END split he played in PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING until recently! there lyrics went from sensless a.k.a. non existent to political lyrics! as the 2 were living in 2 different cities they didn´t play live that often as rehearsing was barely possible for them. in spit of that difficulties they managed to do a 7" of their own as well and were on several different compilations!

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