Samstag, 28. Juni 2008


the 1st BOOT DOWN THE DOOR 7" called AMIGO$ is the best stuff they ever released as far as I´m concerned! 6 songs of heavy, not too fast CRUST with brilliant lyrics (that could be stolen from Garry Johnson here and there) and a vocalist who sounds brutal in a way that you can still understand what he's screaming. this 7" was released by SPOCK PRODUCTIONS from France and came in blood-red vinyl! many people ask themselves why the fuck they put this "fish" on the cover and/or what it stands for. the answer is: this is a drawing of one of the band members little niece and as they had no better ideas and didn't want to have a cover like so many other bands they decided to use the drawing! the only thing I still don't know is why there is a Jesus poster on the inner sleeve!

this is the BOOT DOWN THE DOOR's 2nd 7" which was released by SACRO EGOISMO Rec. from Vienna/Austria and came in light blue wax. 6 hard hitting songs including a cover of BLONDIE's DENISE. one of BOOT DOWN THE DOOR's trademarks was that their music was more midtempo paced than ultra fast but as usual they throw in some fast parts for the listeners pleasure!