Samstag, 28. Juni 2008


this 7" probably could claim to be the most tattooed cover to be on the record of a Bavarian band! I don`t know exactly how much people have this drawing inked under their skin but there are quite some! well, no wonder if you grew up here when we did chances that you lost more than one friend to a heroin overdose, suicide or jail were quite high and somehow this drawing, that was done by a friend of them who grew up with them, sums it all up! this is the cover of the 1st pressing on BAD INFLUENCE rec. there is a 2nd pressing on DANCING IN THE DARK rec., that is done by Oise the STATIC 84 bassplayer, that one is white on black! 6 great melodic songs that show a real development if compared to their 1st CD! but even though they made a big step forward you just can´t imagine what a brilliant full length they would manage to do later!

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