Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008


CRUSHED BY ALE weren´t around for that long! they just recorded this demo did some shows, went on tour, had to break up the tout after 2 - 3 shows cause the father of one of them had become seriously ill and called it a day not to long after their broken up tour! the most interesting thing about this band is, that it was kind of an "all-star" band. Wiener from WUTENTBRANNT on drums Claus-rotten from WUTENTBRANNT, REVOLTE and QUATTRO STAGIONI (he was the bassplayer on the last MÖNSTERS tour too) on guitar, Michl from FIRST WORLD SUICIDE, ERADICATE and OPERATION:MINDFUCK on bass and Hoiz from REVENGE on vocals. I´ve to admit that I never had the chance to see them live, which I really regret! the songs on this CD suffer from a bad, somehow really flat production as they were recorded by themselves in their rehearsal with shitty equipment! so I´d loved to have the chance to hear them live to make my final judgement about them!


  1. crushed by ale download funktioniert nicht...

  2. They went on tour with us - "John Deere". Great two shows then "Ruidosa Inmundicia" joined in.