Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008


GROWING MOVEMENT´s 1st 7" still has to be considered one of the best 7" that ever were recorded by a band from Bavaria! if you just look at the cover you´ll notice that GROWING MOVEMENT were music-wise different to most of Bavaria´s other bands. while most of our bands had some influence from N.Y.H.C. GROWING MOVEMENT were a band that sounded like a N.Y.H.C. band and looked like a band from N.Y. in the mid of the 90ies when their full length was released the were pretty popular in Germany but first they got fucked by their record label WE BITE and then they got into quarrel amongst themselves. that was too much and so they split up. they later reformed with a new bassplayer but somehow their flame didn't burn very bright back then and so they split up again! their singer later had to do some time and after he was released they reformed for the 3rd time and are still active today even tough their singer is so fucking ill he has to do their shows sitting!

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