Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008

REVENGE - 2nd 7''

back to my old friends from Alt-Ötting (which is famous among Catholics for their Mary cult and their holy well that cures illnesses!) one of the places in Germany with the highest Catholic infestation and REVENGE´s 2nd 7"! Alt-Ötting has proofed to be a fertile breeding ground for good HARDCORE bands tough! well, maybe it could proof it´s fertility cause of all that shit? REVENGE´s 2nd 7" was released when REVENGE where at their peak! 8 songs in the best recording quality REVENGE ever had! they themselves called the music they played CRUST´N´ROLL which basically meant that their CRUSTy HARDCORE didn´t lack some melody and Bozo their guitarist hadn´t bought the guitar on which all the great LEATHERFACE songs have been written from Frankie Stubbs for nothing. the 7" came with a booklet where the lyrics to each were printed on a single page. 8 songs - 8 hits! all killer - no filler! b.t.w. REVENGE´s drummer Franz is the only drummer I´ve seen till know who was throwing up while playing live! vomiting all over his drumkit and not missing a single beat!



  2. ah, der karl!

    ähm, wie wärs eigentlich wenn ihr eure namen dazuschreibt damit ich weiß wer kommentiert?

    besonders hilfreich wär das wenn mich jemand bittet mich zu melden! nicht wahr adler?

  3. servus münz!

    vielen dank für die downloads... dann brauch ich meine platten nicht verkratzen wenn ich mir den schmarrn raushör...wir seh´n uns im september...grüße...clausi

  4. bitte, bitte Clausi!

    wenn ich da nicht als fahrer von SETE STAR SEPT grad sonstwo bin dann seh ma uns in der mälze!