Samstag, 28. Juni 2008


the 1st vinyl release of Augsburgs WARTOYS was this split 7" with TOTAL RESISTENCIA from Spain. calling your band is like giving a promise - the promise to play CRUST! WARTOYS are no let down! they live up to their promise: 3 tracks of CRUST as CRUST can! to be honest, that´s no big surprise as the WARTOYS guys have all played in other bands (incl. INFERNO!) before and have plenty of expirience under their belt! b.t.w. the people in WARTOYS are really great guys and 1st choice when it comes down to having fun! Mikes, the drumer has his own blog called WASHINGRAD! TOTAL RESISTENCIA on the flipside offer you 5 songs. they´re faster than WARTOYS and get extra points for singing in Spanish. no bad either! but what sets this 7" apart from most others is the packageing as you can see on the pic!

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