Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008


after GROWING MOVEMENT split up one of their 2 guitarists, the basser and their original drummer Max teamed up with a new singer and NIPPER were born. where GROWING MOVEMENT have always tried to do it N.Y.-style NIPPER were more what you´d call POSI-CORE. this is their 1st CD called PSALMS OF PURIFICATION (before you ask: no, they weren´t S.E.!) which was released by BAD INFLUENCE rec. it has 7 tracks, one of them being a live, and the problem is that they recorded the instruments in their rehearsal room but didn´t manage to record the vocals in a way they didn´t sound unlistenable so the went to Chris Void in Munich and did them with his help. I know that this guy knows how to record a HARDCORE band so I guess it´s cause of the way the instruments were recorded that music and vocals sound divided and therefore this CD lacks power! NIPPER weren´t around that long as Waldi, the bassplayer dropped out of the scene all of a sudden and moved back to his parents! Max and Jürgen wen´t (back) to GROWING MOVEMENT & USE TO ABUSE and their singer Pat and some others formed a band that would later be known as DRIVING THE SALT! that´s why the 7" that followed this CD is limited to 13!

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