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I've re-upped PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING's MADE TO BE BROKEN CD. click the picture.

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the WUTENTBRANNT REHEARSAL ROOM RECORDINGS have been re-upped. click the pic.


I've re-upped the REVENGE and DIAVOLO ROSSO split livetape. click the pic to download.

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011


09/09/2011 Alte Mälzerei - Regensburg
10/09/2011 Kafe Kult - München

Dienstag, 26. April 2011


some people would like to release a BOOT DOWN THE DOOR discography in spite of the fact that some of the original master-tapes from some recording sessions have vanished into thin air in the meantime and therefore some songs will have to be taken off of the records on which they had been released. the problem with that plan is that till now everybody who has had BOOT DOWN THE DOOR's THE BAVARIAN WAY demo and was asked about doesn't have it anymore. so if you got a copy of it please get in touch!

Montag, 18. April 2011


06/02/1980 - 18/04/2009


Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011


in 1998 ERADICATE got the chance to do a short tour with DROPDEAD by accident and as we not even had 10 copies of our 7" left we made some tapes (the back-cover says 100 copies but I doubt that) with the tracks from the 7" and also recorded some new songs plus covers of SERVE & PROTECT from CITIZENS ARREST and DEUTSCHE RAUS AUS DEUTSCHLAND from THE BUTTOCKS on 4 tracks in our rehearsal room for said tape. as we recorded and mixed those songs in a hurry the sound quality is far from brilliant! actually we only had a few hours for the recordings and not even an hour for mixing them! if you take that into consideration plus the fact that I had to do the mixing for whatever reason although I had absolutely no fucking clue or experience in that field it doesn't sound so bad. as a matter of fact I've heard a lot of stuff worse than this. anyway, the tape was housed in an envelope, with a print of the frozen face of Han Solo when he was hibernating in the carbonite desk on it and not in a plastic snap box cause A) an envelope can't break and B) cause one of my favorite tapes, the GEHENNA demo, was also housed in one. the tape also came with a xeroxed booklet that contained the artwork of our 7" and the lyrics of our 3 new tracks which were all re-recorded when we recorded our 12" with Dirk K. at Kuschelrock. thinking about it we had also re-recorded SERVE & PROTECT but Dirk somehow deleted 4 or 5 tracks by accident including our CITIZENS ARREST cover and we sadly only had time to record our own tracks once again. as I'll post our 12" and the unreleased tracks that were supposed to be released on a split 7" with F.N.9 I just upped the 2 covers. click the CITIZENS ARREST spoof to download.

Montag, 10. Januar 2011


even though I'm neglecting this blog it's not dead. right now I'm so busy with other things that I don't have enough time to post on a regular basis but I'll try to post something at least once in a while.

Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010


sad but true we lost someone again: today Behjan Mirhadi was found dead in his apartment! R.I.P.

the pics below were taken in 1994 when he and me hitchhiked to the notorious Chaosdays in Hannover.

Sonntag, 8. August 2010


as I've already posted their demo you should know that :OPERATION:MINDFUCK: is the one-man DRUMCOMPUTERGRIND project/band Michl did besides FIRSTWORLDSUICIDE and later ERADICATE. here we have the self-made 3" CD-R with 26 tracks that incl. covers of WARSORE, HAIL OF RAGE & others. if one considers the fact that all tracks have been recorded in Michl's room the quality is more than OK but as usual the thing with DRUMCOMPUTERGRIND is that you either love it or hate it. click the cover to d/l!

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Freitag, 30. April 2010


their SCREAM FOR ANOTHER WAY 10" was the vinyl debut of USE TO ABUSE and sounds way different (I admit I'm tempted to write better instead of different) than anything they did later. I'm not 100% sure but I think the tracks have been recorded while they still had the original 3-piece line up but they changed members before it was released. either way the music here is no shitty PUNK'N'ROLL (even though Harry already had that style 10 years before it became cool) but melodic PUNK/HARDCORE that you most likely will never forget after you heard it cause of the unique voice of vocalist Harry. it was released on COLD SWEAT RECORDS which Mike started just to release this 10". I think he did a print-run of 500 copies which all came on purple vinyl.

Sonntag, 14. März 2010


before ERADICATE there was AMERICAN FAMILY MURDERERS and before that there was this band called PUNISHMENT that had the same drummer but just played 2 shows before they called it a day and while the drummer moved on to play HARDCORE/GRINDCORE in A.F.M. that more or less became ERADICATE the singer moved on to play BLACK METAL in a band called INHUMAN. this is their 1st 5 track demo called INCANTATIONS from 1993/1994 (actually it's 5 tracks and an intro) and to tell you the truth I'm not sure if they released anything else before they changed the name to SOUL DEMISE or SOUL'S DEMISE and became pretty well known (especially in France I've been told but don't quote me on that!). truth be told INHUMAN's demo never did much for me way back then and it neither does today even though I listen to way more BLACK METAL nowadays than I did back in 1993. anyway, perhaps it does more for you than it does for me? click on the cover and find out yourself.

Montag, 1. Februar 2010


as you can see on the flier below GROWING MOVEMENT released a new CD yesterday 17 years after their 1st full length CIRCLE OF get 7 "new" tracks recorded more than 10 years ago in 1997 or 1998 for a demo that never made it further than to the homes of some friends. maybe it even was recorded in 1999? I don't remember exactly and as I "borrowed" the tape on which they were originally released to GROWING MOVEMENT's singer Loll about 10 years ago I can't look it up either. those 7 tracks are more metallic than their older stuff but that doesn't mean they are bad. besides that you get 4 live cuts from 1995 recorded at a show with WARZONE (that was great b.t.w.) including an unreleased cover of NOT WHAT I WANT from THE PRESS and some more stuff that's not listed on the back-cover. the CD was released by VINYL JUNKIES which is a funny name for a label that does CD only releases though! if you click on the cover you'll be able to D/L 1 track from the 7 "new" tracks and 1 of the live tracks.

Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009


BOOT DOWN THE DOOR's last show on singer Rob's 40th birthday.

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Samstag, 21. November 2009


when I wrote: Meet Me There! I was talking about Munich of course... and on a side note: the GERMS vocals will be handled by the guy who also played Darbie Crash in the WHAT WE DO IS SECRET movie but is better known in America for playing a Doc. in this series called EMERGENCY ROOM or E.R. in short!


speaking of Munich: here's ORGANIZED NOISE's DEPRESSIVE E.P. ATTENTION! they are totally different to what normally gets up on this blog but as a) Munich is in Bavaria and b) excluding the trousers would also mean excluding the story of my the 1st signed copy of anything. from 13 to 17 I also lived in Munich where I discovered the wonderful world of Punk & HC and since that tried to explore those strange territories as much as possible. one guy who would be with me on my quest for fun and games would be known under the moniker Masi, became a real close friend for me and an emetic for my mam. guess whose parents were also visited from the police for the 1st time at the exact same time than mine? or guess who got his room searched by the cops cause they intimidated his parents so much that they'd give them permission? I'll give you a little hint: my Dad enjoyed himself when they tried to do the same with him... anyway, even though my mother started to bitch as soon as I would just mention his name Masi and me never completely lost contact until the last 8 - 9 years (in case you read this my friend shoot me an e-mail). anyway, ORGANIZED NOISE has a more sludgy, rockish touch and the title fits more than well. you can hear that the lyrics of tracks like SNOW PUSHER are based on experience and if you know that vocalist Pogo has a stiff leg cause he jumped through a window while tripping on L.S.D. there's nothing more you need to further the case.


as promised here's a real post a.k.a. music you can download! well, here we got FULL NOISE NINE's 9 track debut 7" called PROGRESS... FOR WHAT? which was released on CIVILISATION RECORDS in 1996 I think. as I already posted their split 7" with 100% GOREBEAT a.k.a. SEUCHENHERD you might be familiar with their sound already. in case you aren't familiar with F.N.9 - a short description would be that they started as a 3 piece and continued as a 2 piece after the bass player left and played GRINDCORE influenced by the usual suspects: YACÖPSAE, ROT, etc. with lyrics ranging from touching political topics to complete nonsense. the drums were handled by Pig who also played drums in STAGNATION'S END and PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING while the guitar was handled by Kusche who may or may not have also played in 100% GOREBEAT at one point but had to quit cause work or school forced him to move to another city but I'm not sure if my memory serves me right so don't quote me on that. the regular covers looked the one you can see here and were either blue or red. 300 came on yellow vinyl with a different cover artwork and an extra lyric sheet. if anybody could scan me the different artwork and/or the extra lyric sheet that would be highly appreciated!

Freitag, 30. Oktober 2009


and the promise to post some real shit a.k.a. music and/or videos soon! in the works are: some old video footage that was shot at the 1st (and last) HC MATINEE - footage of REVENGE, STATIC 84, NIPPER, DISABILITY & HAMMERHEAD, new footage of KYOKUSHINKAI & ROADKILL ZOMBIES as well as the footage of the ASSHOLE PARADE show plus some music...