Samstag, 21. November 2009


speaking of Munich: here's ORGANIZED NOISE's DEPRESSIVE E.P. ATTENTION! they are totally different to what normally gets up on this blog but as a) Munich is in Bavaria and b) excluding the trousers would also mean excluding the story of my the 1st signed copy of anything. from 13 to 17 I also lived in Munich where I discovered the wonderful world of Punk & HC and since that tried to explore those strange territories as much as possible. one guy who would be with me on my quest for fun and games would be known under the moniker Masi, became a real close friend for me and an emetic for my mam. guess whose parents were also visited from the police for the 1st time at the exact same time than mine? or guess who got his room searched by the cops cause they intimidated his parents so much that they'd give them permission? I'll give you a little hint: my Dad enjoyed himself when they tried to do the same with him... anyway, even though my mother started to bitch as soon as I would just mention his name Masi and me never completely lost contact until the last 8 - 9 years (in case you read this my friend shoot me an e-mail). anyway, ORGANIZED NOISE has a more sludgy, rockish touch and the title fits more than well. you can hear that the lyrics of tracks like SNOW PUSHER are based on experience and if you know that vocalist Pogo has a stiff leg cause he jumped through a window while tripping on L.S.D. there's nothing more you need to further the case.

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