Sonntag, 24. August 2008


D.S.G. (pronounced: dis-t-chick) were/are one of Bavaria´s most underrated bands ever! period! the managed to combine being from Bavaria with some sort of a SoCal feeling which together with the vocals made their sound quite unique! tuneful, melodic PUNK with enough rough edges to keep them away from being clean cut and singalong choruses that fortunately avoided the bubblegum brainlessness that is associated with melodic PUNK/HARDCORE these days so often thanks to morons like you-know-who! this 7" was released on A.B.P. Records (when A.B.P. still meant ALT BAYERN POSSE) and later re-issued as a tape that had the 7" on one and their demo on the other side. drummer Musch and guitarist Flo played both in REVOLTE and Flo played in STATIC 84 for a while. Lumpi the 2nd guitarist replaced Susi in WUTENTBRANNT when she moved to Hamburg.


  1. Ewig schade! Der Downloadlink zu D.S.G. - HALLO MR. ROTHSHILD! will nicht mehr. Kann man den bitte bitte nochmal neu reinstellen?

  2. Link to D.S.G. - HALLO MR. ROTHSHILD! 7" is dead. Can you please reupload?