Freitag, 15. August 2008


read what MRR and HEARTATTACK said about this 7" and while reading keep in mind what the people that wrote those reviews didn´t know: those tracks were recorded in Munich at a studio done by an alcoholic who fucked them up! STATIC 84 recorded at the same studio and he fucked up their tracks too! in the case of the STATIC 84 recordings he didn´t fuck them up as much as this here but that is mainly cause they were way more on the melodic side. when we went to a really expensive studio (one where pros record) and tried to remix it we had to find out: no chance! the idiot had pluged in 2 cables the wrong way and fucked up those recordings forever! STATIC 84 had to find out he dad done the same to them! besides the fucked up recording I should add that I don´t consider this to be the best ERADICATE songs that were written and that after this recordings were done our bassplayer quit or better disappeard. he said bye when we left the studio, moved to another city and none of us has seen or heard him since! so the AN-ROTZEN guitarist Chris switched to bass and joined us. b.t.w. there was a tape version (I think we made 100 of them) of the 7" with some bonus tracks (incl. a CITIZENS ARREST and a BUTTOCKS cover) for the tour with DROP DEAD. and the x-ray pics on the cover and on the inner sleeve show the spine of my neighbor´s girlfriend who broke her back in a car crash but has had good luck and is alive and well today.


  1. Na so übel klingt das doch gar nicht ! Hast Du die Stöcke geschwungen ?