Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008


the title of this split 12" is THE LAST & LATEST STAGNATION`S END / PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING RECORDINGS and that sums it up pretty good! the last STAGNATION`S END recordings are 7 tracks of which one BURN has already been released on the MAXIMUM SUBJECTIVITY comp. 12" that was done by FLOWER VIOLENCE rec. the main problem with this recordings is the sound quality which isn´t really brilliant and sad but true that counts for both bands! I´m not sure if I remember correct but they mixed these songs at least twice and maybe they recorded them more than once too. I still got an MD with the 1st recording/mix and in direct comparsion you can hear that this is much better but it still lacks energy and power! the reason why STAGNATION`S END split up was that their guitarist (who did the vocals on 2 songs of their 12"), who earned his living in something like a comercial big band or something like that, had just time for one band besides that and decided to concentrate on his other band KITTY EMPIRE. so the singer and the drummer teamed up with the SEUCHENHERD bassplayer and PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING were born!

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