Montag, 7. Juli 2008


STATIC 84´s THE SERVANTS ARE RISING 12" that was released on JOIN THE TEAM PLAYER records in may 2000 is the best melodic HARDCORE album that that was ever released by a German band! period! it includes 12 driving tracks that are catchy and rock like hell! the last song on the record WORLDS COLLIDE was already on their 7" and was re-recorded for the 12". WORLDS COLLIDE is the only mid tempo song on the record but is as catchy as the other tracks. their myspace site says: Lyric-wise STATIC 84 were far from the regular meaningles MTV lyrics that seem to be so typical for bands of that genre. Their songs deal with those situations in live that we all have to face at one point or another - missed opportunities, regrets and the personal struggles one has to go through when trying to get by in hard times. which is true! when they recorded this, they recorded one song that didn´t make it on the record but can be downloaded here!

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