Montag, 9. Februar 2009


I just got this copy of REVENGE's demo-tape thanks to my old buddy Uli! 9 songs and an intro that appeared just here on their demo. I guess the reason that none of these tracks made it on their 1st 7" is that these songs are sounding way more NY-styled than anything they did later (and got them the chance to open for SICK OF IT ALL if I'm not mistaken where they pissed people off cause they drank all the beer incl. that for SICK OF IT ALL and their roadies or something like that). if you compare this tape to their brilliant 2nd 7" it might sound like 2 different bands if you don't listen carefully but if you play the demo and their 2 7"es after one another you can hear the progress they made as a band. the rule of thumb is that progressing as a band is a process very much like growing up in case of bands that have been started by people that haven't played in (many) other bands before and therefore have just little expierience and REVENGE (who shortened their name from SCAPEGOAT'S REVENGE to REVENGE not that long before this tape was recorded I think b.t.w.) are no exception to this rule. the tape also included really pretty artwork on the inlay as shown below but no lyrics.

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  1. HOIIIIIIIIIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!30.05.09 live kafe kult, minga!