Samstag, 7. März 2009


I've already told you that PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING evolved out of SEUCHENHERD and STAGNATION'S END when those bands split. after the split 12" with STAGNATION'S END the released their MADE TO BE BROKEN full-length on CIVILISATION REC. (the vinyl version) and PER KORO REC. (the CD version). I didn't post it earlier cause it's still available but as PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING now have also called it a day and Markus / PER KORO sells the CD for just 4.50 € I decided to post it so you can check it out and then buy it in case you like it! a little bit of advertisement for PER KORO REC. so to say. b.t.w. as Markus moves with his record store and therefore has a lot of costs he needs money anyway! so, go and buy records from him! he's cheap, quick, reliable and most of all a really cool guy! and as Oli from CIVILISATION REC.also needs (always) money buy records from him too! now back to PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING: the CD version of MADE TO BE BROKEN came in a DVD-case and comes with the same (colored) booklet that also comes with the 12" version. I got both versions but due to me being lazy I ripped the CD. music-wise I dare to say PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING were heavy influenced by NEUROSIS and HIS HERO IS GONE but were far from being another stupid clone-band!

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