Montag, 1. September 2008


this 7" should follow their PSALMS OF PURIFICATION CD on BAD INFLUENCE Rec. but somehow this 7" wasn't recorded under a lucky star. it was supposed to be released on vocalist Pat's label that was called BARRACUDA Rec. before but as Pat didn't like the old name anymore he changed it to RADIATION STAR Rec. and as the 7" was already in the pressing plant (with the old name on the label) he made stickers with the new label to cover it. that was the first thing that went wrong but more, that I can´t remember anymore, were to follow and finally NIPPER split up and Pat destroyed the 7"es with the exception of 13 7"es of which he gave one to me. it has 5 tracks of what is called POSI-CORE in the same style as the tracks on their CD, STAGNATION which was as a live-recording on the CD was re-recorded for this 7".

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