Montag, 1. September 2008


:OPERATION:MINDFUCK: was/is Michl who used to be in FIRSTWORLDSUICIDE and joined ERADICATE as a 2nd singer on the split 12" with SUPERHELICOPTER LTD. this is the 16 track demo of his one man drum machine GRIND project that he did besides his "real" bands. all recordings were done in his room by himself - real D.I.Y. so to speak! as the tracks are really short (you could have guessed that when you were at the part where it says drum machine!) and there are a lot of movie samples as filler between the songs I just ripped it as side a & b! as this his first try the sound quality lacks here and there and the programing of the drum patterns remind me of bad techno music on 1 or 2 occasions but as this is the debut of :OPERATION:MINDFUCK: I´d say it´s a good start! I know a lot of bands that were worse!

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