Montag, 1. September 2008


on Saturday 13/09/2008 local heroes ONE FIST ROCKIN´ have played their farewell show in our hometown. musicaly they´re not really my cup of coffee but as I know their singer for quite some time and, way more important, as it was the last evening here for a close friend of mine before she moved to Wales for 1 year I decided to show up there! besides ONE FIST ROCKIN´ BLACK SHERIFF from Cologne and THE SMALLTOWN ROCKETS from Suttgart were on the bill but as I didn´t manage to show up as early as I wanted to and the flyer said ROCK`N`ROLL I saw none of them cause of talking to people outside and my dislike for ROCK´N´ROLL in general. as ONE FIST ROCKIN´ have been announced as DIRTY STREET ROCK´N´ROLL I was prepared for the worst but they weren´t that bad at all! their singer Spike gave an energetic performance and won my heart over with a big LOVE SUCKS tattoo over his belly. the wanna be though guy skinhead idiots liked them too or perhaps just pretended to do so to have a reason to put off their shirts and try to impress everyone with their 3, in most cases poorly done, tattoos. after the show we headed to another bar where my friend Sid and I made a lot of new friends (like we always do) through cynic comments and having fun! especially when Sid tried to get involved in a politcal discussion. I tried to avoid any involvment as I prefered to use the time to drink Gin Tonic and talk to Nadja. all of a sudden the sad moment where we had to say goodbye to her was reached. Sid told her that if she should´ve problems she should just call and within 12 hours he would be there! as I wasn´t as drunk as Sid I figured that 12 hours could be to short to get to her. so the 12 hours turned into 24 hours and I promised to accompany Sid if she´d need us. one retarded wanna be skinhead, who didn´t know us, started to laugh but stopped when someone, who knew us, told him that we really would come if she´d call us. when after saying goodbye Sid and I decided to check out a new after-hour club. that would turn out to be a stupid idea but that´s another story!

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